What is Google Inbox? The Ultimate Google Project

Here comes the best mail app from the tech giant Google. Gmail team is going to change the trend of email to a new level by its latest app Google inbox. What is Google inbox? It is the new generation email system developed by the world’s top company with the help of Google now. Due to the starting phase it is very difficult to get invitation to Google inbox. How to get an invitation to Google Inbox? The easiest way is explained in this article. It is the best way to organize our crowded mail system with special highlight for important mails only. This intelligent way of organizing mail is going to replace Gmail in the near future. One of the ultimate Google project for future.

Do you know what Google inbox is?

It is the perfect solution best app for your unorganized emails. You get the highlighted part of the mail from the listing of mail itself. App intelligently provides you the required information even without opening it. So by simple scrolling we can easily read a lot of mail in a short time. So fast reading of the mail with the important data we need make it really cool.

This best app will create a revolution in the email system. It will make a great impact on other mailing systems available.  App helps us to bundle similar messages in to different categories. It is bit different from the tab. With the multiple category organization useful/interesting mail going to spam folder is solved. You are able to pin the useful messages and can easily dismiss the unwanted promotion mails. Google is using a nice algorithm in this system to extract the mail ids, phone number, address, photos… etc. to highlight make this best app.

How to get an invitation to Google Inbox?

To use the system you must get an invitation. It is very difficult to get an invitation in the starting phase. In this beta version you can request an invitation by mailing to inbox@google.com. But it is very difficult to get such an invitation. So the best method is to get an invitation from your friends who have a Google inbox account. After getting an account you have the permission to invite three friends.

Special Features of Google inbox

  • Fast

So fast to archive, send and set reminders just by swiping in the app. Right swipe brings a dialog box to archive mails. Left swipe brings a dialog box to set reminder. Quickly compose a mail or reminder using the Plus icon at the right bottom corner. Fast access to the recent contacts is very helpful to create mail quickly. Replies can be viewed in a single screen by just scrolling down make it really fast to access a message.

  • Reminders in Google Inbox

Cool reminder feature is really helpful to schedule your mails. Special reminder feature includes automatic sending of the mail back to the inbox when we reach the set location. Reminder is a great feature to set mail remainders at the time for meetings. This functions like the integration of Google now with the email. It’s really cool to have an assist in the mail.

  • Highlights

Inbox is now smarter with the latest algorithm for the busy world to get relevant information in a faster way. Each mail is highlighted with the needed data. All required information’s such as time, date, pictures, videos, price etc. is highlighted in a beautiful way like a card as on Google now. Also provide real time data’s related to your message by searching it from web. For example it will provide real-time flight status if you get a flight ticket booking confirmation mail. Highlight your important messages in Google inbox with the pinning function.

  • Bundles in Google inbox

With Google’s new Gmail Priority Inbox system, now it will automatically categorize your mails into multiple groups. With this new artificial intelligence algorithm, Inbox will find out mails which are actually important. It is very easy to dismiss the whole group or sort the messages in the group. This is very time saving feature and gives you a well-organized mail listing.

Get the invitation to Google’s Inbox

Inbox is a fantastic app from Google for email application. It isn’t perfect but filled with a bundle of nice features. As it is just the starting with the beta version it will surely improve more in its new updates. Now do you get what is Google inbox? Just try this new app and comment your feedbacks below. Just comment below to get invitation to Google inbox.

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