Know about GSLV Mark III ISRO Near to Manned Space Missions

After the success of Mars mission and GSLV Mark III, India became a top country in space exploration. ISRO has already done a lot of unmanned space missions. But they are now moving towards a huge space exploration with their future manned space missions. India’s first manned space exploration is being planned in 2021 by ISRO. Indian Space Research Organization Chairman Dr. K Radhakrishnan confirmed about their space exploration plan.

Mars Orbital Mission (MOM) and GSLV Mark III mission were the step towards a great mission. The great success of experimental mission of new generation launcher GSLV Mark III gives more inspiration to the future mission. Reasons of Mark III experimental mission were:

  • First step towards the manned space mission. To develop a launcher to carry about 4 ton load.
  • To test the launcher performance in critical atmospheric conditions with heavy load.
  • To study about the re-entry characteristics of payload crew module (CARE)
  • To become self-reliant for launching heavier communication satellites in INSAT-4 class

Features of the GSLV Mark III launch:

  • In the last four years two such missions for the launch of GSLV by ISRO were failed.
  • This rocket is the next generation heaviest space launcher of India.
  • GSLV Mark III budget was RS 155 crore

For space exploration ISRO is developing a space craft using different technologies. ISRO’s manned mission is going to take two or three astronauts to space for two or three weeks. The Mark III mission was a part for this future plan. Process started at 9.30 am morning (IST) and carried its payload CARE of about 4 ton weight to a height of 126 KMs. Payload separated from the launcher and re-entered to the atmosphere and landed safely on bay of Bengal with the help of its parachutes.

Hope for a better space exploration with the new space craft of ISRO. Best wishes for the Indian manned space mission.



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