Latest Technology Trends Top 10

Technology trends are varying time to time. Latest technology trends always attract everyone. Because revolutions in technology will always make our life so easy and amazing. We were born to a world of changing trends. But technology always had great trends. Gartner analysts suggest some top 10 technology trends.

Gartner is great in predict the trends in technology since 2007. It is not an easy task lot of analytics skill is necessary for this task because business, technology, it trends are always fluctuating depending on a lot of factors. This technology analysis report by Gartner is always useful to organizations in their strategic planning process.  These technologies will always have great impact on organizations long term goals and initiatives. In every year cloud services trends are always increasing. According to them these technologies are going to make amazing changes in IT sectors for the next three years. Now let us have a look at the technologies which are going to change the world.

Top 10 Latest Technology Trends

latest technology trends

latest technology trends

  • Computing Everywhere

With the development of wearable technology systems computing everywhere are going to be a revolution. Many of the tech giant companies already started developing many intelligent screens on glass and walls. More sensor integration to track the users every aspect in everywhere to increase the user interaction with company.  This a positive trend to generate more data and its exploitation. As the mobile usage is increasing day by day new technology is trying to provide them a wider space in the environment. This computing everywhere is for first time in Gartner list.

  • The Internet of Things (IOT)

The all-time hot technology Internet of things is still there on the top 10 list. Trends in IOT are increasing rapidly every year. More and more researches are going on in this field to increase the security. Digital business processes and products focus will be on internet of things. IOT helps in embedding technology everywhere. With the usage of a stream of data we are able to digitize everything. The scope of internet of things (IOT) is much more in future.


  • 3D Printing

3D Printing is yet another one in latest technology trends. This is also one in Gartner’s Top 10 list for 2015. This is for the second time continuously in the latest top list. Everyone is expecting the growth of 3D printing in an incredible rate in the near future.  Business section must be alert on 3D printing trends as the impact of 3D printing on their product and cost will be great. Latest 3D printing growth also increased the growth of innovation from common techies. Now they have the low cost solution for their own design.


  • Advanced, Pervasive and Invisible Analytics

Embedded system growth by IOT will insure the need of more data analysis. As the data stream will increase in the latest technology trends, more advanced top analytics is needed to process these data’s. For latest security models, top security analytics is necessary. So IT trends will be more focusing on creating data reservoirs and processing them. From the analytics trend we are able to give right information to the right user at right time. But the large data is second thing from the analytics create the big question and big answer.


  • Context-Rich Systems

Next in the top latest technologies is the context-rich system. These are the systems which interact with the latest advanced analytics mentioned above and respond according to the analysis. Security alert trends will be more in these systems. By understanding the user request context, application can adjust security response; adjust how info is delivered to the customers by simplifying a complex computing.


  • Smart Machines

Smart machine trends in this latest word are increasing to reduce the human effort, cost of production, increase efficiency and speed etc. Latest technology trends top 10 list also includes this smart machine due to this. Advanced analytics and context-rich systems combination generates these smart machines.


  • Cloud Computing

Next technology trend cloud or client computing helps in intelligent data storage to reduce the bandwidth cost. Latest technology trends favours top cloud computing platforms.


  • Software-Defined Applications and Infrastructure

This is for the second time in Gartner’s latest technology list. Physical hardware controlled network don’t have much flexibility. So software controlled data centres, storages, security and network needed to make it possible.


  • Web-scale IT

Trends of Web-scale IT is almost same as last year. Organizations are well attracted towards the cloud service providers; this is one of the latest trends in technology. Delivering IT service trends are reinventing through this.


  • Risk-Based Security and Self-protection

Last one in the top 10 latest technology trends of 2015 is Risk-Based Security and Self-protection. Challenge in the latest digital technology growth is providing complete security. It is not possible to provide 100% security top risk factor is always there. So self-protection is an important factor in every application. Security assessment and risk management is needed to provide a minimum level of security in this latest technology world.

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