Space Elevator one of the upcoming Google projects

Have you ever dreamed of going to space through a space elevator?  Get ready; it is one of the Google projects for future. Emerging technologies and new technology inventions will help Google to complete this project. They are developing all its latest technologies in a secret lab known as Google X.

Google X faculty in California revealed about some emerging technologies. In that they have confirmed about the project Space elevator. They have started planning about the project and had many discussions about it. Elevator moves up from a station in earth to outer space station. They never started working on it but had a serious look on this concept. They started these types of new technology inventions research in Google projects to take things to space at low cost. At present using space craft the cost is damn too high. In future there is a lot of scope for space tourism with this concept.

Design Challenge of Space Elevator



A lot of design challenges are there for such new technology inventions. A large amount of strong cables are needed for the space elevator. Strong means not simply strong, it must be about 100 times stronger than the steel available in earth. New technology inventions such as carbon Nanotubes are the solution to make such stronger cables. But another problem is that no one manufactured a carbon nanotube longer than one meter.

The main challenge is due to gravity and centrifugal acceleration. So the designing of the entire structure is so difficult. This must be an ultra large structure for proper working. Another problem is speed. How to attain a great speed to reach near the synchronous altitude in short time?

Will they make this Space Elevator?

Let us wait and see…. Google X is working 24 hours for new scientific discoveries and inventions. Every day they are thinking about a lot of ideas. They also drop many of the ideas due to its practical difficulties. One such ideas was jetpack, it was dropped due to its fuel inefficiency and loud noise. But they have raised their name by some of the Emerging technologies such as Google glass, driverless car, loon etc.

Hope Space elevator is not going to be a part of failed Google projects. Its success will create a revolution in space research. This will create a short low cost path to space for everyone. And we are waiting for more and more new scientific discoveries.

Google Space Elevator
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